About me

Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Jana and I recently finished my Master Studies in Media and Communication Management. Building the brand econessence, I'm now making my dream of a self-employment come true.

Within the scope of my studies, I have been particularly interested into the field of visual communication. Images can make a story special; they visualize the content or help to explain complex phenomena. Anyway, images have become a commodity in recent years. Millions of photographs are posted, liked and shared on social media each day. Many of them are great photos from the technical point of view but often the story behind is missing. Where was the shot taken? What makes the motive so special?


That's where I'd like to start. I'd like to tell the stories behind the images because I believe in good storytelling. I believe in the combination of image and text. An image alone might be little expressive, a text without an image probably won't be remembered, maybe not even read at all. I'd like to combine both aspects and touch people with my stories because if you touch people, they'll remember the story. 

"You touch people if you tell them a story they will remember." (Paul Ripke) 



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